900 Line Series
Calf DHZ 945
Championn Gym-Calf

Championn Gym-Calf
  • Mahine design allows activation of gastrocnemius and soleus calf muscles without stress in the spine.
  • The elliptical shape of the platform ensures maximum articular excursion and muscular involvement even at the end of ankle range of motion.
  • Secondary pre start footplate enables taller users to avoid excessive knee flexion getting into exercise position

Main related activities: rowing, canoeing, weight lifting, wrestling, judo, rugby, field archery, kayaking, volleyball.

Length : mm 1120   in 44
Width : mm 1710   in 67
Height : mm 1170   in 46
Machine Wt : Kg 150    lbs 330
Max load : Kg 280    lbs 617